Dr. Fauci Admits: A COVID Vaccine Won’t Change Restrictions; Trump Says Judge Striking Down State’s Pandemic Restrictions Is ‘Good News’

By The Federalist. Dr. Anthony Fauci just spilled the beans: contrary to the implicit promise numerous politicians made that COVID-19 restrictions would only last “until there’s an effective vaccine,” Fauci says the arrival of a vaccine won’t mean life will return to normal, perhaps for more than a year.

“If you’re talking about getting back to a degree of normality which resembles where we were prior to COVID, it’s going to be well into 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021,” said the director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on Friday.

A safe and effective vaccine produced this quickly would be a stunning scientific accomplishment that could save thousands of lives. But Fauci warned that widespread distribution and getting “the majority, or more, of the population vaccinated and protected” won’t happen until perhaps the end 2021, and therefore means we cannot be free from oppressive lockdown measures until at least that point.

Aside from Fauci being a reliable harbinger for politicians moving the COVID-19 goal posts, we have three very good reasons to doubt the understanding promoted by politicians so far about returning to normal when a vaccine is deployed: 1) politicians already moved the goalposts far away from “flatten the curve” and “15 days to slow the spread” and thus can’t be trusted 2) they’ve ignored their promise of reopening if effective treatments were found, and 3) the newly discovered phenomenon of COVID-19 reinfection gives panic-pushers an excuse to keep lockdown measures until some new target of vaccine efficacy or compliance is met. (Read more from “Dr. Fauci Reveals: A COVID Vaccine Won’t Change Restrictions” HERE)


Trump Says Judge Striking Down Pennsylvania’s Pandemic Restrictions Is ‘Good News’

By New York Post. President Trump on Monday celebrated a federal judgement striking down pandemic restrictions in the battleground state of Pennsylvania as an unconstitutional overreach — and said he wanted it to happen in more states.

Aboard Air Force One as he traveled from California to Arizona after being briefed on wildfire damage, the president shared dozens of tweets announcing a federal judge had sided against Gov. Tom Wolf’s sweeping restrictions.

“Congratulations Pennsylvania. Now we await the decision on the Rigged Ballot Scam, which is so bad for our Country!” Trump tweeted to his 85 million followers, referring to mail-in ballots which he has tried to discredit before the election.

Sharing another tweet from an Illinois woman who wrote, “It’s time, Illinois,” Trump responded: “And Michigan, and North Carolina. Next up, phony Ballot voting Hoax!”

US District Judge William Stickman IV on Monday sided with plaintiffs that included hair salons, drive-in movie theaters, a farmer’s market vendor, a horse trainer and several Republican officeholders who sued as individuals. (Read more from “Trump Says Judge Striking Down Pennsylvania’s Pandemic Restrictions Is ‘Good News'” HERE)

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