GOP Rep. Explains Why Kamala Harris Is ‘Unqualified’ to Be Vice President

You may have thought the final impeachment vote in February would have been the end of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative. But Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) brought the topic up again last week, suggesting that the Kremlin could cost her party the election. “Of course” Russia could cost Democrats the 2020 November election, she told CNN’s Dana Bash. . .

Harris’s diatribe about Russia spurred a rebuke from her fellow Californian, Republican Devin Nunes. In an interview with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, Nunes excoriated Harris as an inexperienced, unaccomplished vice presidential nominee. . .

“She’s never really had a real race in California, because we’re a one party state…where the Republicans are really just sacrificial lambs,” Nunes added.

“She’s totally unqualified and she wouldn’t know what the hell the difference between Russian collusion and China collusion would be. All she knows – she’s a Politburo apparatchik that’s going to build the fight, fake narratives working with their propaganda arm, which happens to be 90 plus percent of the media in this country.”

In conclusion: “This is not a serious person that should be considered to be vice president of the United States.” (Read more from “GOP Rep. Explains Why Kamala Harris Is ‘Unqualified’ to Be Vice President” HERE)

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