Trump’s Black Voter Boom ‘Could Potentially Cost’ Biden the Election

Polls showing consistent black voter support for President Trump at levels higher than those of previous Republican candidates may cost Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden the election. Biden’s backing from this key voting group is less than it was for 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

In surveys of black voters, pollster John Zogby pegged support for Trump from black voters at 14%. For Biden, he said that support from black voters was between 77% and 81%.

“The numbers from likely black voters are nowhere near where they should be as they fall well below 90%,” he said in his new report in Main St. – K St. IntelligenSEER.

He added, “This alone could potentially cost Biden the election.” (Read more from “Trump’s Black Voter Boom ‘Could Potentially Cost’ Biden the Election” HERE)

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