WATCH: Violent Clashes Between Chinese and Indian Troops

Never-before-seen footage showing Chinese and Indian troops brawling in what appears to be a location on the nations’ mutual border surfaced online on Wednesday, months after a similar clash led to the deadliest incident between the countries in decades.

The South China Morning Post reported that an unnamed Chinese military source confirmed the authenticity of the video, which shows the two sides fighting each other with sticks and their bare hands. The source said that the lack of firearms indicated the two sides were showing restraint and dated the video to have been taken some months ago.

The footage may have come from the June 15 clash between the two armies in the Galwan Valley of India’s Ladakh region, which led to the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers. China has refused to reveal how many casualties it suffered as a result of the scuffles, though Indian officials have estimated that twice the number of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops died as Indian soldiers.

The footage may also be from another incident. A separate analyst told the Morning Post that it could have been filmed as early as May. (Read more from “WATCH: Violent Clashes Between Chinese and Indian Troops” HERE)

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