Alaska Supreme Court Decrees Absentee Ballots Do Not Need to be Witnessed Because of Wuhan Flu

Alaska, already plagued by unprecedented vote fraud in past elections, has now been ordered by its Supreme Court to allow all absentee ballots to be cast without a witness signature. Yes, you read that right. Anyone can now fill out anyone’s ballot, place it in the mail and it will be counted, courtesy of an out-of-control judiciary. Assuming the post office actually delivers it, LOL.

Here’s the State’s press release, apparently written by the infamous Gail Fenumiai, head of Alaska’s Division of Elections:

The Alaska Supreme Court today agreed with the lower court that in light of the pandemic, for the 2020 general election only, voters do not need to get
their absentee ballots witnessed. In order for a person’s vote to count, voters must still sign the back of the absentee ballot envelope and provide the voter identifier, such as date of birth, driver’s license number, etc. The Division of Elections also recommends that voters date their signature on the back of the envelope. Normally, the witness would date their signature, but since there is no witness requirement, the voter is encouraged (but not required) to fill this information in.

There is also nothing prohibiting a voter from having their ballot witnessed, and any ballot that is witnessed will be counted, so long as it meets all the other statutory requirements, just as it would have been prior to the court’s order.

Looks like the hijacking of the American political experiment is just about complete. The left owns the media, the judiciary, most senior military leaders, the entertainment industry, federal law enforcement, the clandestine agencies, even most of Trump’s “inside” team. States like Alaska now seem to be conducting a “mop up” operation to ensure no resistance to the leftists’ coup.

Is it too late to save the Republic?