Portland Law Enforcement Prepare for Violence on Election Day

The Portland Police Bureau and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday they are preparing for potential unrest on and after Election Day. The announcement comes after the city has been plagued with riots on a near-daily basis since late May after the death of George Floyd.

“In the past, some individuals and groups have gathered and marched following the election results, both in celebration and sometimes because they are angered or upset. In some instances, significant damage was done to local businesses, which did not change the election outcome, but hurt our community members,” their press release stated.

“PPB and MCSO will be increasing staffing on Election Day and the days following as a precaution. While we promote and support the exercise of the First Amendment rights to assemble and engage in free speech, engagement in criminal activity will not be tolerated.” (Read more from “Portland Law Enforcement Prepare for Violence on Election Day” HERE)

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