President Trump Debates Biased Town Hall Moderator, Denounces White Supremacy, Again

By Breitbart. President Donald Trump on Thursday, during a town hall in Miami with NBC News, denounced white supremacy yet again.

Savannah Guthrie, the moderator of the town hall, asked the president why he hesitated to denounce white supremacy in the first presidential debate.

“You always do this,” Trump replied. “You’ve done this to me, everybody … I denounced white supremacy.”

Amid some crosstalk with Guthrie, Trump repeated, “I denounced white supremacy for years, but you always start off with the question.” . . .

“I denounce white supremacy, what’s your next question?” he replied. (Read more from “President Trump Denounces White Supremacy, Again” HERE)


Biased Moderator Loses Debate to Trump

By Dan Gainor. “Today” show anchor Savannah Guthrie was supposed to be the moderator at an event where the president would take questions from citizens in the audience. Instead, she hogged the time and peppered Trump with numerous questions about his personal health that few Americans could answer as specifically as she demanded.

It wasn’t a town hall, it was a debate. Except instead of Trump debating Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, as originally planned, Trump had to debate Guthrie.

And the winner of the debate, hands down, was Trump.

Guthrie harassed Trump about masks and about holding White House events during the coronavirus pandemic. . . . It took 20 minutes into the hour-long event before Guthrie even let the audience chime in. Even once the actual town hall portion of the program got going, Guthrie ripped it back to push her own agenda — talking about Trump’s taxes.

In another confrontation, Guthrie openly told Trump he was wrong … for his opinion.

Editor’s note: compare Trump’s hostile treatment by NBC to Biden’s softball town hall with ex-Clinton staffer Stephanopoulos HERE.

(Read more from Gainor’s article above about the white supremacy questions HERE)

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