Democrats Hold Big, Fancy Dinners While Telling America To Cancel Thanksgiving

While leftist lawmakers and unelected bureaucrats are hard at work canceling Thanksgiving for Americans, congressional Democrats are holding big, fancy dinners on Capitol Hill to welcome new members ahead of the fall holiday.

“It’s very spaced,” though, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly told NBC correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell to justify the dinner. The dinner comes several months after the Democratic leader was caught getting an illegal haircut in San Francisco without a mask.

The congressional dinners fly in the face of Democrats urging Americans to stay home instead of visiting relatives for the holidays as coronavirus cases increase across the United States.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who declared war on Thanksgiving with sweeping restrictions limiting household gatherings, was also caught attending dinner with “a dozen attendees from several different households” just last week, according to the Daily Beast. (Read more from “Democrats Hold Big, Fancy Dinners While Telling America to Cancel Thanksgiving” HERE)

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