Iran: ‘Golden Days Will Be Back’ With Biden Presidency

Iran’s Islamic regime is looking forward to having a Democrat, Joe Biden, in the White House, because it means “golden days will be back.”

“It is unfortunate that Iran’s ruling mullahs view a possible victory of the Democrat Party in U.S. elections as a win for the Tehran regime, its proxies and militia groups,” wrote Majid Rafizadeh, a business adviser and political scientist who is a board member of Harvard International Review.

“President Rouhani has already called for restoring the nuclear deal. It could well be a loss for continuing peace in the region and for finally restoring the violated Iranian people’s hoped-for human rights,” he wrote in a column for the Gatestone Institute.

Rafizadeh, who also is president of the International American Council on the Middle East, said Iran’s leaders are “excitingly” promoting Biden’s claim to have won the 2020 election amid President Trump’s court challenges alleging vote fraud. . .

“The last three years has indeed been a nightmare for the Iranian regime and its proxies. No U.S. administration before the current one has imposed such a draconian pressure on the mullahs, their rogue state and their allies,” he said. (Read more from “Iran: ‘Golden Days Will Be Back’ With Biden Presidency” HERE)

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