GOP Senator: What Biden ‘Knew’ Is a Potential ‘Extortion Threat’ (VIDEO)

It might, or might not, actually involve an FBI special counsel investigation like what Democrats orchestrated against President Trump with their now-debunked claims of Russia collusion back in 2016, but those reviews of the behavior of Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden, are going to continue.

That’s from Senate Republicans, who already have started looking at those suspicious activities.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., the chief of the Homeland Security Committee, has told the Washington Examiner that whatever the result of President Trump’s challenges to faulty vote-counting across the nation, the work will continue. . .

At the time, State Department officials raised concern about an apparent conflict of interest because Burisma was under investigation for corruption. Joe Biden later publicly boasted that he threatened to withhold American aid to Ukraine if the president didn’t fire the country’s top prosecutor, who was investigating Burisma. . .

Explained Johnson, “Both Sen. [Chuck] Grassley [R-Iowa] and I are not going to turn a blind eye to this. I can’t speak for him, but certainly our staffs are continuing to work on this. We’ll continue to gather more information as it becomes available. But let’s face it, as much as I was criticized by some, at a minimum, what our investigation has done by exposing this, it’s diffused, to a certain extent, some of the counterintelligence and extortion threats.” (Read more from “GOP Senator: What Biden ‘Knew’ Is a Potential ‘Extortion Threat’ (VIDEO)” HERE)

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