Joe Biden Has No Path to Victory

There is no path for a true Joe Biden victory. The reason has nothing to do with anyone who does not want him as president. But rather, has everything to do with decisions by Joe Biden and his supporters and their actions. Here is a list of some of the most obvious:

• The decision to run Joe Biden was itself a problem. For the entire campaign Joe Biden and others have affirmed that he might not last through a four-year term. We certainly saw a number of very concerning indicators during the few times Biden made public appearances.

• Choosing to run only against Trump, or more accurately a narrative of Trump that Biden and his associates have greatly influenced with their four years of never-ending politically-motivated attacks and efforts to remove the president from office.

• Choosing to run a non-campaign campaign, making it impossible for the American people to ask questions and know who Joe Biden is and what he might do as president. What a Biden presidency would look like is truly a question of who actually controls him. Will it be the far left or will it be more moderate Democrats? Nobody seems at all sure, likely even Joe Biden himself; it is just speculation even now.

• Refusing to answer important questions, like court packing.

• Answering the same question differently, depending on who he was speaking to, like fracking and tax increases.

• Being pampered and protected by most of the “press.”

• Big tech blocking information from voters.

• The push for mail-in ballots.

• The over-the-top state shutdowns, mostly by Democrat governors.

• The Democratic Party lawsuits to loosen up election laws.

• The overall Democratic Party opposition to voting laws that give greater confidence.

• The bias of the polling companies.

• The refusal to come clean on the millions of dollars that flowed into the Biden family from foreign entities for seemingly nothing of value … except Joe Biden’s influence in U.S. Policy.

• Joe Biden claiming he never had anything to do with his son Hunter’s foreign business deals when there is plenty of indisputable evidence to the contrary.

• Joe Biden using the cover of the media and others to claim his son Hunter’s laptop was from Russia, when he had to have known it was his son’s laptop.

All of the above, which is but a partial list, are decisions and actions that were by Joe Biden or people who helped his effort to win. And that list along with the four years of vicious efforts to undo an election is why the “election irregularities” this year so easily create suspicion of fraud at a level that could impact the outcome of the elections. Even the most mind-blowing claims of fraud by design in election machines with foreign influence, that in normal times would be almost entirely viewed as a fabricated conspiracy theory, has become believable to far beyond a small fringe portion of our nation.

So even if those pulling every stunt they can to get Joe Biden across the line mange to do so, Joe Biden is so damaged that he will never have any legitimacy. None. Zero. Biden has no mandate for anything because he did not campaign on anything, except getting across that line. Wisdom can put no hope in anything Joe Biden says, or that of anyone who helped design and carryout the Biden for President deceitful campaign strategy. Joe Biden’s word is truly meaningless and Joe Biden did that to himself. He has nobody to blame but himself.


In the public arena, I served two terms in the state senate (2003-2006) of my home state of Vermont. I have published regular and occasional columns promoting limited-constitutional-government and free-market perspectives in print and online media since 2001. My major public arena focus since serving in public office has been to help move education from the state monopoly model to a free-market model, where parents can find an education model that matches well with their children and their worldview and protecting against the dangers of the state being in a position to control the thinking of a generation.

Professionally I have started, operated and been president of three companies in the automation market, starting the first one while in my last year of graduate school (1993) in Watervliet, New York, the second in Bennington, Vermont (1994-2011) and the third in Rustburg,Virginia (2011 – Present). Higher Education is as follows:

Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1994)
Graduate studies and thesis at MIT while working in semiconductor research. (1987-1991)
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Florida (1986)

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