Trump Wins Alaska, Decision Desk HQ Projects

Decision Desk HQ called Alaska for President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning, awarding him the state’s three electoral votes on the outlet’s election map.

Decision Desk HQ is the first major outlet to award the state to Trump over Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The call comes more than a week after election day on Nov. 3 and is one of the final states to be called by any major election decision desk. The state, which has elected an all-Republican congressional delegation, was widely expected to go to Trump despite significant delays in tallying its votes. . .

Decision Desk HQ declared Biden the winner of the presidential race over the weekend after projecting him to win Pennsylvania. A number of other major media companies followed suit, most after awarding the former vice president the state of Pennsylvania and pushing the Democratic candidate above 270 electoral votes on their election projection maps. (Read more from “Trump Wins Alaska, Decision Desk HQ Projects” HERE)

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