Apparently, Wishing Someone ‘Merry Christmas’ Is Now ‘White Supremacy Culture at Work’

In our culture of progressivism and political correctness, nothing is safe.

Now, apparently, even wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” is “white supremacy culture at work.” At least, that’s according to Jen Bokoff, a Chicago woman who made the astonishing claim on Christmas Day.

“This is your annual reminder that not everyone celebrates Christmas! The default to ‘Merry Christmas’ as a normal greeting is also white supremacy culture at work. If someone celebrates, then by all means. But so many people don’t,” Bokoff tweeted.

Bokoff’s claim is dripping with irony. That’s because Christmas is one of Christianity’s two major holiday seasons (the other being Easter, of course). And Christianity is, in fact, the largest global multiethnic religion, which means Christmas was celebrated on every continent and nearly every country on Friday.

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