DNA Test Confirms Identity of Nashville Christmas Bomber; New Details Surface About Nashville RV Bomber

By New York Post. Human remains found at the site of the Christmas RV bombing in Nashville belong to Anthony Quinn Warner, the tech expert behind blast, officials announced Sunday.

“Anthony Warner is the bomber,” said US Attorney Don Cochran during a press briefing.

“He was present when the bomb went off, and then he perished in the bombing.”

Warner, 63, is the only known fatality in the bombing, which also left three people injured and caused significant property damage, including to an AT&T building, knocking out cell service across the state and much of the south. . .

Investigators are probing whether Warner touched off the massive explosion over his fears of 5G cellular technology and his suspicion that it was being used to spy on the American public, it had previously been reported. (Read more from “DNA Test Confirms Identity of Nashville Christmas Bomber” HERE)


Odd Details Surface About Nashville RV Bomber

By New York Post. The Tennessee “computer geek” behind the Christmas Day bomb blast in Nashville was a chronic loner who built a fence around his home to keep others out, according to a report.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, had increasingly closed himself off prior to the bombing, neighbors told the Tennessean.

Just weeks ago, Warner built a gate in the fence, pulled his RV into the driveway, and shut the gate, neighbors told the newspaper. . .

Property records reviewed by the Tennessean show that Warner transferred ownership of his longtime home to a California woman the day before Thanksgiving.

Warner, who had been working as an IT consultant for a local realty firm, emailed the company’s co-owner earlier this month. (Read more from “New Details Surface About Nashville RV Bomber” HERE)

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