Medical Journal: Hide Everybody’s Sex To Spare Transgender People’s Feelings

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a paper that argues since sex designations on birth certificates could emotionally hurt transgender and intersex people, the information should not appear on the document.

The premise behind the idea is that “assigned sex” should appear “below the line,” allowing it to be used in vital statistics but not identify the individual on the document itself. The argument is built on claims the Supreme Court has determined sex distinctions are no longer relevant and there is no useful clinical purpose to them.

The authors of this paper further argue that the best solution is to remove all acknowledgment of a person’s sex altogether. This should be done with passports and other identifying documents since the LGBT left sees no purpose in legally identifying sex at birth for anyone, when all that matters to them is gender identity. (Read more from “Medical Journal: Hide Everybody’s Sex To Spare Transgender People’s Feelings” HERE)

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