WATCH: Trump Campaign Lawyer Says Election Counted ‘10,315 People’ in Obituaries

Rudy Giuliani, a Trump campaign lawyer who has been fighting election fraud in several swing states where Joe Biden was declared the victor in the 2020 race after the president appeared to have significant leads, has congratulated Georgia lawmakers for having some really resilient voters.

So resilient they can vote after they’re dead.

“That’s pretty tough to do, vote when you’re dead,” he told a legislative committee, sarcastically, as he argued that the evidence of vote fraud in the state demands lawmakers take action to prevent the wrong result – that Biden victory.

In video that appeared from the hearing, he said, “You had 10,315 people, that we can determine from obituaries, were dead when they voted.”

He also said there were problems with felons voting, people voting after they had moved, and more. (Read more from “Trump Campaign Lawyer Says Election Counted ‘10,315 People’ in Obituaries” HERE)

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