25,000 Troops, Officers Securing D.C., Joe Biden Inauguration — 5x as Many as Stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan; Media, Democrats Quickly Abandoned Joe Biden’s Push for ‘Unity’

By Breitbart. The Pentagon is putting 20,000 National Guard on the streets of D.C. in the wake of the assault on the U.S. Capitol to support Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Capitol Police for the inauguration on Jan. 20 of President-elect Joe Biden.

That is in addition to the more than 6,000 officers who are part of the U.S. Capitol Police and who are officers with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

The more than 25,000 members of law enforcement personnel that are being deployed is five times the number of United States military deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser’s request from President Donald Trump for an emergency declaration ahead of the inauguration comes at the same time the Department of Defense said it would comply by Friday with Trump’s orders to draw down troops to 2,500 in each country. (Read more from “25,000 Troops, Officers Securing D.C., Joe Biden Inauguration — 5x as Many as Stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan” HERE)


Media, Democrats Quickly Abandoned Joe Biden’s Push for ‘Unity’

By Daily Caller. Democrats and members of the media have quickly abandoned President-elect Joe Biden’s push for a “healed” and “united” country.

Biden has pushed a message of unity and healing since being declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election – from his tweets to his acceptance speech. The former vice-president’s inauguration theme, in fact, is “America United,” and the media has propped up the incoming president and his administration with puff pieces and declarations that his team will be “delightfully boring.”

Biden’s acceptance speech in November was hailed by many as a much-needed call to overtake division within America. The New York Times wrote that Biden “renewed his promise to be a president for all Americans in a polarized time” and CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger said that it “was a presidential address, even kind of a fireside chat,” among others.

Journalist Megyn Kelly was quick to condemn those who were “sanctimoniously demanding ‘civility’” after spending years attacking Trump’s supporters – and it seems this call for civility has not lasted long, with renewed calls for justice and cancellations after some of Trump’s supporters rioted at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Similarly, some media pundits have raised rallying cries against Republicans and the president’s supporters. MSNBC host Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace pondered how the Republican Party can go about a “de-Baathification” process on Wednesday night. (Read more from “Media, Democrats Quickly Abandoned Joe Biden’s Push for ‘Unity'” HERE)

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