Biden’s Unity Branding Is False Advertising That Will Sow More Division

After a chaotic four years, President Biden wants to voters to believe he’s governing as a unifier while actually governing as a hard partisan. For Democrats, that tension doesn’t pose much of a dilemma because the corporate press will uncritically permit Biden to sell his leftism as unification. It’s false advertising.

Biden set the tone for his term with a milquetoast inaugural address that pledged to “lower the temperature.” For many in this exhausted and divided nation, that was probably a welcome message. But it’s merely cosmetic and Biden proved that right away.

Among his flurry of executive orders were measures to implement “equity,” redirecting the federal bureaucracy towards a fringe leftist goal. Biden immediately signed another order legally redefining biological sex to include gender identity, an action with sweeping consequences for women’s sports, locker rooms, shelters, and much more.

The administration also indicated it would swiftly roll back the Mexico City Policy reinstated by President Trump, which bars foreign aid from organizations that perform abortions. From his newly implemented immigration measures to the 1776 Commission to the National Labor Relations Board, Biden is hardly governing as a temperature-lowering unifier—beyond aesthetics, at least.

The president campaigned on policies that even McClatchy said “would likely be considered radical if they had been proposed in any previous Democratic presidential primary.” That’s not a recipe for creating an administration capable of healing the country’s divisions. (Read more from “Biden’s Unity Branding Is False Advertising That Will Sow More Division” HERE)

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