National Guard Says Donations Not Needed — the Troops Were Just Napping

. . .The National Guard is saying thanks, but no thanks, to the generous donations that have been pouring in after photos emerged Wednesday of troops sleeping on the hard marble floors of the Capitol.

The troops in the photograph were just taking a breaktime nap, Guard leaders explained, and actually have ample accomodations in local hotel rooms.

“In response to photos on social media and in the press today showing National Guardsmen resting in between shifts at the Capitol, many well-meaning and thoughtful citizens are organizing collection of comfort items for National Guard men and women who are in the District of Columbia in support of the upcoming presidential inauguration,” a statement from the National Guard said.

“While we appreciate the many offers and people who care about our soldiers and airmen, we are not logistically able to accept donations of any kind.” (Read more from “National Guard Says Donations Not Needed — the Troops Were Just Napping” HERE)

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