Revealed: Woman’s Relationship to Nashville Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner

The woman who was given two homes by Nashville RV bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was the daughter of one of his friends, the attacker’s former lawyer said.

Los Angeles-based music exec Michelle Swing, 29, became the heart of numerous conspiracy theories after she was gifted the double deeds — including Warner’s own home exactly a month before his Christmas morning blast.

A lawyer who represented him at the time, Ray Throckmorton III, told The Tennessean that the crazed, hate-filled, paranoid loner told him Swing was just “the child of a friend of his.”

“I remember him saying he knew her mother personally,” recalled Throckmorton, who said he “never asked and never made any inquires or any connections as to why he wanted to do that.” . . .

Swing — who did not sign the quitclaim transfers — has insisted she did not even know Warner had given her his $160,000 Antioch home in November. She has refused to discuss their relationship, saying that she has been “told to direct everything else to FBI.” (Read more from “Revealed: Woman’s Relationship to Nashville Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner” HERE)

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