What We Know About the Woman Given Homes by the Nashville Bomber

. . .A young music industry executive has found herself at the heart of the Nashville Christmas bombing investigation — after mysteriously being gifted two homes by crazed loner Anthony Quinn Warner.

Los Angeles-based AEG Presents exec Michelle Swing, 29, was given two properties on the same street in suburban Nashville in the last year, paying nothing despite them being worth more than $400,000 combined, according to property records.

They include the house in Antioch that Warner had last lived in — one he gave to her on Nov. 25, a day before Thanksgiving and exactly a month before his devastating suicide attack in his explosives-laden RV.

Swing has refused to talk about how she knows Warner and has even claimed to have been unaware about the quitclaim transfer that granted her his home, which shows an RV parked next to it in Google Maps images.

But the mystery of the deed transfer is now a key part of the investigation into Warner and his potential motivations and mental state, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press. (Read more from “What We Know About the Woman Given Homes by the Nashville Bomber” HERE)


Recipient of Warner’s Homes was a Daughter of a Friend and More Quirks

By Lee Brown. A lawyer who represented [Warner] at the time, Ray Throckmorton III, told The Tennessean that the crazed, hate-filled, paranoid loner told him Swing was just “the child of a friend of his.”

“I remember him saying he knew her mother personally,” recalled Throckmorton, who said he “never asked and never made any inquires or any connections as to why he wanted to do that.”

The initial transfer — of Warner’s almost $250,000 childhood home in January 2019 — caused a “schism” in the family, leading to a legal battle that his mother, Betty Christine Lane, finally won, the lawyer said. . .

Throckmorton had also represented Warner’s unidentified 64-year-old girlfriend who alerted officials to his bomb-making plans in 2019.

“She believed that Tony was spying on her, believed that he was breaking into her house at night while she was asleep,” Throckmorton told The Tennessean. (Read more about the Nashville bomber HERE)

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