Serial Killer in Fairbanks, Alaska? Eight Missing

. . .Since May of 2020, eight people have disappeared from the Fairbanks area[.]

“I don’t think it would be too much, given the circumstances and the fear that our community is in, to call in the F.B.I., who have additional resources, funding, that might be available to work with troopers and Fairbanks Police on [a] task force,” community leader, Jody Potts said during the vigil. “But that ask has to come from local authorities. And so we are asking that you call in the F.B.I. to work with these families and on these cases.”

Acting Fairbanks Police Chief Rick Sweet says the Fairbanks Police Department is already speaking with the F.B.I. about these missing person cases but would need to talk to law enforcement partners before calling agents to come to investigate locally. (Read more from “Serial Killer in Fairbanks, Alaska? Eight Missing” HERE)

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