Study Shows More Alaskans Want Out Than Any Other State’s Residents

Population data from the latest U.S. Census counted in 2019 which is the latest available, compared to the data of 2018, shows Alaska losing a higher percentage of residents than any other state in the nation.

There was a population change of almost 6,000 people, or a loss of .8 percent. Zippia, a website resource for job-seekers, compiled the study that points out that their studies show that it has less to do with the uniquely Alaskan climate and natural challenges and more to do with the economy. As students graduate college, they tend not to be retained at a high enough rate to replace those who moved to Alaska during the oil boom 40 years ago, who are also retiring to move somewhere warmer. (Read more from “Study Shows More Alaskans Want Out Than Any Other State’s Residents” HERE)

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