U.S. Capitol Security Officials Resign

Three top officials responsible for protecting the U.S. Capitol and congressional chambers all resigned on Thursday, amid calls for heads to roll after the building was stormed by a mob of angry Trump supporters the day before.

First to go was House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving, whose resignation was announced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at her weekly news conference. The speaker also called for Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund to resign, criticizing the top cop for a “failure of leadership.” . . .

The AP also reported that three days prior to the protest, U.S. Capitol police turned down an offer from the Pentagon to send National Guard troops to assist in keeping the Capitol grounds secure. The department also turned down the Justice Department’s initial offer to send FBI agents on Wednesday as the building was being swarmed.

Capitol police also faced heavy criticism Wednesday when video circulating online showed officers appearing to allow outside barrier gates to open for protesters demanding to enter the premises. TheBlaze made repeated requests seeking comment on the footage Wednesday evening, but never received a response. (Read more from “U.S. Capitol Security Officials Resign” HERE)

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