WATCH: Ted Cruz Says There’s a ‘Third Option’ When It Comes to Certifying the Election

. . .Because the Supreme Court refused to hear the various cases that came to them, [Ted] Cruz said it’s why he believes Congress has a responsibility to address the issue.

The problem, in the senator’s eyes, is that members of Congress face two “lousy choices” when they vote to certify the election results on Wednesday.

“Look, we got to vote on January 6th on certification and every member of Congress faces a dilemma. Frankly, two pretty lousy choices: one, we can vote to certify by not considering any objection. If we do that that will be heard by a lot of Americans as saying, ‘We don’t think voter fraud is a real concern. We don’t think these claims should be investigated thoroughly,'” Cruz explained. “I know that’s not what most of us believe. And, secondly, almost all of us don’t want to be in a position where we’re suggesting setting aside the results of an election just because the candidate we supported didn’t happen to prevail. That’s not a principled constitutional position.”

When the Texas senator established the coalition with his Republican colleagues in the Senate, his goal was to create a third option rooted in the law.

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