China Warns Biden After Dual Aircraft Carrier Drill

China has delivered a warning to the new U.S. administration not to meddle in the sensitive South China Sea region, where President Joe Biden has ordered his first naval moves since assuming the commander-in-chief title just weeks ago.

The U.S. Navy’s Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group joined the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group on Tuesday for rare dual aircraft carrier exercises involving the massive Nimitz-class warships alongside accompanying vessels and aircraft. . .

“The United States frequently sent vessels and aircraft to the South China Sea to flex its muscles,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters. “This is not conducive to peace and stability in the region.”

“The US move is a repeat of its old trick to manipulate the cross-Strait situation in mixed ways, which has seriously violated China’s sovereignty and security, gravely undermined regional peace and stability, and deliberately disrupted the good atmosphere of peace, friendship and cooperation in the South China Sea,” Tian said in a statement published Friday by the Chinese Defense Ministry. (Read more from “China Warns Biden After Dual Aircraft Carrier Drill” HERE)

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