Experts Nationwide Warn Women That COVID Vaccine Mimics Cancer Conditions, Advise Delay of Mammograms

By The Salt Lake Tribune. Health experts nationwide, including a prominent Utah doctor, are warning women who get the COVID-19 vaccine to wait at least a month before getting a routine mammogram — because of a side effect of the vaccine that mimics a condition often seen in cancer diagnoses.

“We don’t want patients to get these false positives, to have this sort of alarm,” said Dr. Brett Parkinson, medical director of Intermountain Healthcare’s Breast Care Center.

Parkinson said the center’s doctors, as well as physicians across the nation, have noticed that some people who get the COVID-19 vaccine have had the side effect of swollen lymph nodes in the axilla, or the armpit area. In itself, such swelling isn’t serious, and it usually subsides within four weeks. . .

However, when such swelling in the lymph nodes in the armpit shows up during a routine mammogram, Parkinson said, a doctor likely would call a patient back in for a more detailed examination. Such swelling, he said, can be a sign of metastatic breast cancer — a cancer that has spread beyond the breast — or lymphoma or leukemia. (Read more from “Experts Nationwide Warn Women That COVID Vaccine Mimics Cancer Conditions, Advise Delay of Mammograms” HERE)


MMR Vaccine may protect against COVID

By Very Well Health. As the world faces a slow start to the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, some researchers have suggested that older vaccines might provide temporary protection. One study from this past November suggests there might be a link between mumps antibodies (which many people acquire through vaccination) and less severe COVID-19. . .

One notable example of the difference in death rates and MMR vaccination efforts in Venezuela. The country recently gained control of a large measles outbreak through a country-wide vaccination campaign geared toward nine million children between 6 months to 15 years.

Gold says that delivering 13 million doses of the MMR vaccine was unmatched with vaccination efforts in neighboring countries such as Colombia and Brazil. By 2019, Venezuela had reduced the number of deaths by 91%—reporting only 548 cases and three deaths.

Gold noticed that increased MMR vaccination appeared to be associated with decreased COVID-19 deaths. “Venezuela has had only 39 deaths per million from COVID-19,” he says. “On the other hand, its immediate neighbors Colombia and Brazil have each had 957 deaths per million and 986 deaths per million respectively.” (Read more from “MMR Vaccine may protect against COVID” HERE)

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