Selective Outrage? Mainstream Media Outlets Are Freaking Out Over ‘Superspreader’ Super Bowl Celebrations

A host of mainstream media outlets published articles over the last few days criticizing football fans for celebrating in Tampa, Florida during this year’s Super Bowl, warning that by doing so they risked making the game a coronavirus “superspreader” event.

However, those same outlets had comparatively little to say about the large gatherings that took place after President Joe Biden’s election win or over the course of the last year during Black Lives Matter protests. . .

One glaring example of the double standard was exhibited by the New York Times, which published a story early Monday morning, headlined, “In Tampa, Super Bowl Celebrations Bring Superspreader Concerns.”

In the story, Times writer Neil Vigdor complained about how the streets of Tampa “teemed with boozy revelers into the wee hours of Monday, many of them ignoring pleas by medical experts to social distance and wear masks,” following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rout of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night. . .

Yet, in a story published in early November, headlined, “A Rollicking N.Y.C. Celebration for Biden’s Win, Well Into the Night,” the Times made no mention of the coronavirus risks, even as it noted how “thousands of people poured into Times Square” to cheer Trump’s ousting.

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