Prostate-Cancer Treatment Leaves Men Disease-Free

Most people have probably heard or seen examples of sound waves so powerful they can break glass. Now, a new cancer treatment is using sound to destroy tumors and cure men dealing with the disease. The new, noninvasive technique for prostate cancer focuses sound waves on the tumor area, heating the cancer calls until they are blasted out of existence.

“The results so far have been very good,” says the University of Toronto’s Dr. Sangeet Ghai in a media release by the Radiological Society of North America.

“We treated a smaller area using this device, yet still had very good results. At the same time the patients preserved their erectile and urinary function.”

Researchers say the focused treatment is more effective than surgery or radiotherapy, especially for patients whose cancer is still confined to the prostate. (Read more from “Prostate-Cancer Treatment Leaves Men Disease-Free” HERE)

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