UK Working on ‘Vaccine Passport’

The government is reportedly working on a “vaccine passport” in anticipation that holiday destinations like Greece will demand proof of immunity before granting entry to visitors.

Earlier this week, Denmark became one of the first countries in the world to commit to a government-endorsed immunity certificate. The nation’s Acting Minister of Finance Morten Bødskov said initially the certificates, which could be available by the end of this month, would allow for businessmen to travel overseas but could also be used as “extra security” when reopening Danish society after months of restrictions.

Sources speaking to The Times said the British government was working on similar documentation, as countries like Greece have said they prepare to lift quarantine restrictions for tourists if they can prove they have been inoculated.

A combined effort of the British Department for Health and Social Care, the Department for Transport, and the Foreign Office is working on the options for the “vaccine passport”. British officials have reportedly told Greece that it could rescue the country’s ailing tourism industry if it rolls out the documentation. (Read more from “UK Working on ‘Vaccine Passport’” HERE)

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