64 Countries Defend Communist China’s Genocide Against the Uyghurs

While the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken carried on the Trump administration’s condemnation of the Chinese Communist Party’s raging human rights violations against the Uyghur religious minority group in Xinjiang as “crimes against humanity and genocide” last week, Cuba and other countries defended China’s actions.

Cuba, joined by 63 other countries including China, called on the U.S. and other nations on Friday to “stop interfering in China’s internal affairs by manipulating Xinjiang-related issues, (and) refrain from making unfounded allegations against China out of political motivations.” The joint statement claimed Xinjiang is “an inseparable part of China.”

Just last year, Cuba, along with 45 other countries, released a similar propaganda-filled statement, which was featured on multiple CCP state-run media sites, condemning countries such as the U.S. for making “unfounded allegations against China and interference out of political motivation and bias. The joint statement also praised China’s “people-centered philosophy in advancing economic and social sustainable development, eradicating poverty, increasing employment, improving people’s living standard and promoting and protecting human rights.” . . .

President Joe Biden previously dismissed China’s actions as a “different norm,” saying that he would not “speak out against” the country or its communist leaders. (Read more from “64 Countries Defend Communist China’s Genocide Against the Uyghurs” HERE)

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