Dems Move to Mandate Background Checks for Gun Sales

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Rep. Mike Thompson of California reintroduced legislation Tuesday to expand federal background checks on gun sales, the Hill reported.

The Background Check Expansion Act, if passed, would require a background check of all gun sales and purchases between all unlicensed sellers and buyers. The background checks would not apply to law enforcement officers, loaning firearms for hunting, temporary transfers for self-defense, or receiving a firearm as a gift from a family member, the Hill reported.

The bill is co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and 43 Senate Democrats, the Hill reported. Thompson, who reintroduced the legislation to the House of Representatives, is the chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

“For years, the bipartisan House-passed background checks bill languished in the Senate under Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. Now, with Senate Democrats in the Majority, we have the opportunity to act on this overwhelmingly popular, lifesaving legislation to protect American communities,” Schumer said in a press release, according to The Hill.

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