Father Facing Jail for Calling Daughter ‘She’

A Canadian father has been jailed for referring to a 14-year-old daughter who believes she is a boy as “she” and “her.”

Robert Hoogland of Surrey, British Columbia, turned himself in to a Canadian court Tuesday and was jailed after the provincial attorney general issued an arrest warrant for contempt, The Federalist reported.

British Columbia’s Supreme Court in February 2019 had ordered that the girl receive testosterone injections despite the father’s objections. The court further declared that if either parent referred to the girl with female pronouns or by her birth name, the parent would be considered guilty of “family violence.”

The trouble for Hoogland began when his daughter’s school referred the girl to a psychologist who recommended that she begin taking cross-sex hormones at age 13. Hoogland, citing his daughter’s alleged history of mental health issues, refused to give permission. But physicians at BC Children’s Hospital decided the girl should receive testosterone injections, and the court agreed.

Hoogland charged that the government was using his daughter as “a guinea pig in an experiment.” (Read more from “Father Facing Jail for Calling Daughter ‘She'” HERE)

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