Joe Goes Slow: Frail Biden First Press Conference as President; Biden’s Press Conference Was Elder Abuse

By Breitbart. . . .The press conference will take place 64 days after Biden became president, setting a new presidential record — longer than any previous president for about 100 years when Warren Harding was president in 1921.

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Biden’s Press Conference Was Elder Abuse

By Washington Times. It was an hour of incoherent babbling — except for when President Joseph R. Biden read directly from his talking points. The questions were polite and predictable — from preselected, approved reporters. The answers were long-winded, listless and meandering — what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Biden.

It’s clear Mr. Biden is not up to the job, that’s why his team waited 65 days — the longest of any president in 100 years — to schedule his first solo press conference.

Mr. Biden came armed with a binder full of notes, which he read directly from while responding to questions about China, North Korea and Afghanistan. It was his cheat sheet, and he needed it. No reporter asked him about it.

Former press secretary Ari Fleischer tweeted he’s never before seen a president bring a typed, multi-page question-and-answers document to a news conference. But this is Mr. Biden’s White House, and his team knows their boss needs a study guide.

The 10 reporters who got to ask questions were preselected by Mr. Biden’s team. Notably, Fox News’ Peter Doocy was never called upon. Too controversial. He might have asked a pressing question that wasn’t included in Mr. Biden’s prewritten script. (Read more from “Biden’s Press Conference Was Elder Abuse” HERE)


Biden Gives Canned, Confusing Answer When Asked if He Supports Abolishing the Filibuster

By The Federalist. In his first press conference since being inaugurated 64 days ago, President Joe Biden gave a threatening but unclear answer on whether he would support eliminating the filibuster in the Senate.

When asked by CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins, Biden said he concurs with former President Barack Obama’s stance that the filibuster is “a relic of the Jim Crow era,” but provided an incomprehensible answer on how the filibuster is being abused.

“Successful electoral politics is the art of the possible,” Biden abruptly said, after looking at the ground for several seconds in silence. “Let’s figure out how we can get this done and move in the direction of significantly changing the abuse of even the filibuster rule, first. It’s been abused since the time it came into being by an extreme way in the last twenty years. Let’s deal with the abuse first.”

When Collins followed up asking Biden if he is close to eliminating the filibuster, the president said, “I answered your question.”

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