Riot Against Proposed Protest Law Leaves 20 Cops Injured

Thousands of Britons rioted into the early hours Monday against plans to give UK police new powers to crackdown on protests — leaving 20 cops injured, including one with a punctured lung, officials said.

At least 5,000 people initially joined afternoon protests in Bristol against the planned legislation, BristolLive said, with many carrying placards that condemned a feared “police state” and “dictatorship.”

The so-called “Kill the Bill” protests then turned violent when “several thousand” people descended on a police precinct in the southwest England city — sparking a fiery riot raged for hours, the local outlet said.

After rioters attempted to push over a police van, officers were caught on two fronts, the outlet said — with police vehicles also getting torched and the precinct’s windows smashed. Some in the mob even managed to get onto the station’s roof and throw rocks at officers, BristolLive said. (Read more from “Riot Against Proposed Protest Law Leaves 20 Cops Injured” HERE)

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