Russia Claims to Be Preparing Putin Debate Biden Didn’t Agree To

The Foreign Ministry of Russia claimed on Thursday to have “started” working on setting up a virtual debate between the country’s leader, Vladimir Putin, and American counterpart Joe Biden – an invitation Biden has not and is unlikely to accept.

Putin personally invited Biden to a “dialogue,” broadcast live on global internet platforms, in response to Biden agreeing in an interview this week that Putin can accurately be described as a “killer.” Putin insisted this debate would have to take place either on Friday or Monday as soon as possible, as he hoped to “rest” during the weekend.

Neither Biden personally nor the White House has accepted the invitation, stating only that Biden had plans to travel on Friday. This has not stopped the Foreign Ministry from unspecified planning to make the event happen.

Russian news network TASS claimed to have reached out to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, asking if any preliminary measures are being taken to ensure that the dialogue takes place. Unnamed sources replied, “yes, we have already started.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added some details on Putin’s proposal on Friday, stating that Biden’s lack of an answer on it did not mean that it could not happen and that it would most likely happen on Monday since White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had noted that Biden had travel plans on Friday. (Read more from “Russia Claims to Be Preparing Putin Debate Biden Didn’t Agree To” HERE)

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