Twitter Unsuspends Marjorie Taylor Greene

Twitter unsuspended Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account Friday, saying that it had mistakenly locked her out of it following a system false-positive.

After restoring Greene’s access to her account, the social media giant told CNBC in a statement that Twitter’s AI-based rules enforcement system mistook Greene’s account to be in violation of the platform’s policies.

“We use a combination of technology and human review to enforce the Twitter Rules across the service,” Twitter said. “In this case, our automated systems took enforcement action on the account referenced in error. This action has been reversed, and access to the account has been reinstated.”

Twitter had suspended Greene from 1 a.m. Friday until 12:45 p.m, according to FOX News. (Read more from “Twitter Unsuspends Marjorie Taylor Greene” HERE)

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