Sickening New Curriculum Mandates Teaching Atheism in Public Schools

A new curriculum for teaching religion in Wales mandates that atheism be given “equal footing” with Christianity and any other faith. . .

The U.K.’s Christian Institute said the Welsh parliament has voted to replace its previous religious education standards for schools with new “Religion, Values and Ethics” training that is compulsory.

“A plan to give atheists a veto over any religious teaching in schools was dropped, but the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill allows for disproportionate time to be spent studying Humanism or atheism,” the institute said. . .

The right for parents to withdraw their children from unwanted religious indoctrination or sex education lessons was removed.

The institute noted there will also be no limit on the percentage of time devoted to beliefs such as atheism or humanism, “meaning teaching about Christianity could be marginalized.” (Read more from “Sickening New Curriculum Mandates Teaching Atheism in Public Schools” HERE)

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