The Chinese Communist Party Reveals a New Demand for Biden

The Chinese Communist Party is demanding President Joe Biden roll back former President Donald Trump’s policy of supporting Taiwan, a democratic island China claims as their own. According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Trump’s support of Taiwan is a “dangerous practice” that the United States must move away from.

The fight between Taiwan and China goes back to the 1940s. Taiwan broke from mainland China in 1949 and established a democratic society. The Chinese Communist Party, however, still attempts to impose rules and regulations on the island.

During a press conference on Sunday, Wang said China’s claim on Taiwan is an “insurmountable red line” that the Chinese government refuses to back away from, the Associated Press reported.

“The Chinese government has no room for compromise,” Wang said. “We urge the new U.S. administration to fully understand the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue” and “completely change the previous administration’s dangerous practices of ‘crossing the line’ and ‘playing with fire.”

China is continuing to assert its dominance over other territories. Their fight to keep Taiwan under their thumb comes after Hong Kongers demanded their autonomy and civil liberties be respected. (Read more from “The Chinese Communist Party Reveals a New Demand for Biden” HERE)

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