CHAOS IN PORTLAND: Trump Supporter Pulls Gun After Being Assaulted By Antifa; Antifa Mob Trashes Cars to Stop ‘Freedom Rally’ (VIDEO)

By New York Post. Dramatic video shows the moment a man pulls a gun on Antifa protesters as they clashed with demonstrators taking part in a “Freedom Rally” near the Oregon state Capitol on Sunday.

The older man — wearing an American flag sweatshirt — was filmed in Salem initially getting out of his pickup truck to survey the damage allegedly caused by the Antifa mob.

He initially appeared calm as the counter-protesters dressed all in black surrounded and mocked him, with some threateningly aiming canisters at him throughout the confrontation.

But the squabble took an ugly turn after he was either sprayed in the face or struck with an object — prompting him to flinch and draw his weapon on the crowd.

“Get away from me!” he shouted, yanking a handgun from his waistband and cocking it as he aimed it toward the leftist activists.

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Man Pulls Gun After Being Assaulted by Antifa in Oregon, Police Investigating

By Breitbart. Oregon State Police are investigating an incident near the state capitol in Salem where a man pulled a gun on Antifa protesters after they appeared to assault him and vandalize his vehicle. Police did not arrest the man who pulled his pistol after being pepper-sprayed by Antifa.

Video tweeted by self-described Antifa Press journalist Melissa “Claudio” Lewis shows a group of Antifa protesters armed with pepper-spray and batons surrounding a man whose truck had just been vandalized. The Antifa protesters appeared to have initially fired paintballs at the man’s windshield. . .

A second video, tweeted by Independent Media PDX shows the incident from a different angle. In this video, the repeated sounds of Antifa attacking the truck can be heard.

A video tweeted by @ViolaBLM shows police questioning the man after letting him up from the ground. The videographer seems angered that police did not shoot the white man. “If he was black, he’d be dead,” she says.

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