Cartels Offering American Teenagers Money to Smuggle Illegal Aliens

Mexican drug cartels and cartel-associated smuggling networks are now bringing so many illegal immigrants into the United States that they’re putting out ads on TikTok, targeting American teenagers in South Texas with offers of thousands in cash to ferry migrants past U.S. checkpoints just north of the border.

This week Fox News reported on the scheme, including screenshots of TikTok ads offering as much as $3,500 cash for a single trip. One ad reads, “Got another 6 left, already crossed. Lemme know ASAP for that easy cash,” according to Fox News, which also reported that teenagers are in some cases borrowing their parents’ SUVs to smuggle migrants, often without the parents knowing.

The migrants in question are almost certainly single adults trying to evade Border Patrol and slip into the United States undetected. Unlike unaccompanied minors and families, who typically turn themselves in to U.S. authorities after crossing the Rio Grande in hopes of a quick release, adult migrants are likely to be immediately expelled and thus often try to avoid detection.

For all the media coverage that migrant minors and families have gotten in recent months, single adults have made up a far greater share of illegal immigrants coming across the southwest border this fiscal year. Since October 2020, Border Patrol has encountered more than 400,000 single adults crossing the border illegally, compared to approximately 140,000 minors and families. (Read more from “Cartels Offering American Teenagers Money to Smuggle Illegal Aliens” HERE)

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