Is This Kamala Harris Giveaway to Illegals Government Corruption?

Recently, the Biden administration decided to waive the fines lobbed at noncitizens who have refused to leave. Yet, there seems to be another eye-opening move at the border. Vice President Kamala Harris might not be there, but her children’s book is there (via NY Post):

Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border to address a crisis she was tasked to help fix — but a children’s book she wrote is waiting there for young migrants who are being welcomed into the country.

Unaccompanied migrant kids brought from the U.S.-Mexico border to a new shelter in Long Beach, Calif., will be given a copy of her 2019 children’s book, “Superheroes are Everywhere,” in their welcome kits.

It’s just the latest open-arms gesture by the Biden administration, whose mixed messaging regarding the border and immigration has been credited with the surge from Central America to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Border czar Roberta Jacobson last month conceded that the Biden administration’s messaging to migrants has been inconsistent, contributing to the unprecedented surge.

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