Airline To Force New Employees To Get COVID Vaccine

Delta Air Lines will require all new hires in the U.S. to be immunized against COVID-19, the carrier announced Friday, calling vaccines “safe, effective and essential to the future of the airline and our world.”

The Atlanta-based airline noted its progress toward herd immunity within its own workforce, with 60% of its roughly 74,000 employees already vaccinated, the company said. To help maintain that trajectory, Delta will mandate that those joining the company be vaccinated unless they qualify for an accommodation, the company said in a statement. The policy starts Monday.

“Approximately two out of 10 Americans have been infected by COVID-19, and one out of 1,000 Americans has died from the virus. The vaccines are not only extremely effective in preventing illness and symptoms from COVID-19, but they are also nearly 100 percent effective in preventing hospitalization and death,” Delta stated. . .

While it is the first major U.S. carrier to make the move, at least one other airline seems likely to echo Delta in the near future.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby in January signaled his airline would likely join others if they began mandating employee vaccinations, calling it the “right thing to do” for his airline and other companies. (Read more from “Airline To Force New Employees To Get COVID Vaccine” HERE)

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