Biden Is Keeping Migrant Kids In Horrible Conditions. Where Is The Outcry?

. . .When President Biden came under fire in March for the humanitarian crisis unfolding at the border, his administration scrambled to transfer the record number of migrant children being held in crude, jail-like facilities run by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, more than 5,700 at one point, into the care of the Department of Health and Human Services. According to federal law, minors aren’t supposed to be held by Border Patrol for more than 72 hours. Many were being held for weeks. . .

But instead of thousands of migrant children packed into tent-like facilities along the border, the Biden administration has dispersed them to tent-like — and wholly inadequate — emergency facilities all across the country, hidden from reporters and cameras thanks to Biden’s media blackout.

Until now. A handful of lawyers authorized to visit these facilities and interview the kids there are speaking to the media about what they’ve seen. . .

One of the lawyers who has been visiting these emergency shelters, Leecia Welch, told the Times that conditions at Fort Bliss are “much worse in every respect” than Tornillo. The tents reek of body odor, the bedding is not washed regularly, the children do not have clean clothes and “generally describe not feeling cared for and a sense of desperation.”

Welch also visited an emergency shelter set up in a warehouse in Houston that abruptly closed in mid-April because of subpar living conditions. Welch interviewed 16 girls who stayed there, and she told CBS News that they reported being constantly hungry and thirsty, being served undercooked chicken and expired food, and having limited access to showers and laundry. Some said they had only showered twice in 15 days. There were no educational activities, no access to the outdoors, and nothing to do during the day. (Read more from “Biden Is Keeping Migrant Kids In Horrible Conditions. Where Is The Outcry?” HERE)

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