State Gives Tens of Thousands of Violent Inmates Early Release Eligibility

The state of California announced Saturday that it is providing 76,000 inmates with early release eligibility. More than 63,000 inmates are serving time for violent crimes, as reported by the Associated Press.

More than 63,000 inmates who are violent and repeat felons will have the opportunity to lessen their time served by one-third via a “good behavior credits” system. The initiative went into effect Saturday, but the AP notes that inmates will not walk free for months or years.

Of the eligible early release inmates, 20,000 are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole. Half of this number constitutes inmates previously convicted of “a second serious but nonviolent offense.”

The roughly 10,000 inmates in this category will have eligibility to be released early upon serving half their sentence, as established in the “three strikes law” in California. The 1994 law requires a felon convicted of a new felony to be sentenced to prison for double the amount of time. After two strikes, a defendant would have a mandatory sentencing of 25 years to life. (Read more from “State Gives Tens of Thousands of Violent Inmates Early Release Eligibility” HERE)

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