Biden To Cancel Oil and Gas Leases in Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Biden White House plans to cancel all oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge until a further review of their environmental impacts are assessed, according to the New York Times Tuesday.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the paper reported citing two insiders familiar with the administration’s plans, will publish an order to formally rescind existing leases months after the new president mounted a White House crusade against fossil fuels on day one with moratoriums on new drilling in the Arctic and other federal lands.

Marcella Burke, an attorney who specializes in energy policy and is an alum of the Trump Interior Department told The Times the move to halt drilling in the more than 19 million-acre refuge was far from unexpected. . .

President Donald Trump opened the Arctic Refuge’s coastal plain, a nearly 1.6 million-acre stretch on Alaska’s north coast for oil and gas development in 2017 in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski wrote the language of the legislation to green-light projects now effectively canceled by the Biden White House. (Read more from “Biden To Cancel Oil and Gas Leases in Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge” HERE)

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