Facebook Faces Lawsuit for Discriminating Against Americans

The Department of Justice has quietly given the green light to a lawsuit charging Facebook with a policy of discriminating against thousands of job-seekers because they are American.

“Employers take note: Dept of Justice ALJ allows complaint that Facebook discriminated against US workers …. Case now goes to trial,” said a June 8 tweet by immigration lawyer William Stock.

“As the Court has previously held, allegations of manipulating the hiring practice to disqualify individuals based on citizenship, meet the legal standard in this forum for stating a claim upon which relief can be granted,” said the June 2 decision by the department’s little-known Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO).

The decision denied Facebook’s plea to dismiss the December 2020 discrimination complaint by officials working for President Donald Trump.

“It’s great that OCAHO is doing this, ” responded Bob Heath, a Florida-based tech entrepreneur who has filed several lawsuits against Fortune 500 subcontractors for discriminating against Americans. “The EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] needs to jump on board, and the Department of Labor needs to jump on board,” Heath told Breitbart News. (Read more from “Facebook Faces Lawsuit for Discriminating Against Americans” HERE)

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