New Voting System Scrambles Alaska 2022 Senate Race

Conservative activists in Alaska aren’t pleased with GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s moves to the middle. Whether that makes the political scion vulnerable in her 2022 reelection bid is an open question, according to a new poll.

That’s because starting next year, Alaska will move to a “top four” and “ranked-choice” voting system. All candidates will appear together on one primary ballot, with the top four advancing to the general election.

In November, Alaska voters will rank candidates in order of preference. Assuming no candidate gets above 50%, the last-place candidate is removed in each round of balloting until somebody has a majority.

Some believe this voting system will favor Republican challenger Kelly Tshibaka, who has criticized Murkowski for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump in his second trial and backing some of President Joe Biden’s Cabinet nominees, among other things. Murkowski also drew criticism from the Right after she became the lone Republican to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation in the fall of 2018. (Read more from “New Voting System Scrambles Alaska 2022 Senate Race” HERE)

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