Democrats Worried About Voting Turnout in 2022 After Republican Voting Laws

Democratic activists, politicians and staffers are highly concerned about their ability to turn out voters in 2022 given recent changes Republicans have made to election laws.

Republicans have introduced election laws in a number of states across the country since the 2020 election, many of which are primarily aimed at undoing pandemic-related provisions within election procedures. Laws in Georgia and Texas have drawn particular scrutiny for allegedly being tools for voter suppression. . .

The Republican laws contain provisions that would both expand and restrict voting access in certain ways. Some pandemic-induced features of elections, such as drive-in voting, 24-hour voting or expanded use of mail-in ballots, are being scaled back or entirely eliminated. However, Georgia’s law expanded early voting hours, as does Texas’.

Democrats can’t agree on exactly which parts of the laws they’re most opposed to, Politico reported. Some activists are also growing frustrated that elected officials aren’t doing enough to counter the new Republican laws. (Read more from “Democrats Worried About Voting Turnout in 2022 After Republican Voting Laws” HERE)

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