. . .[Joe] Biden has been assisted by deliberate misinformation by social media companies, who suppressed the (true) story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and he has also produced misinformation, for political advantage, that has damaged the country.

1. Misinformation about neo-Nazis. Biden launched his presidential campaign in April 2019 by claiming that President Donald Trump had referred to neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, as “very fine people.” In fact, Trump had said they should be “condemned totally.” Biden did not invent the lie, but by repeating it, he convinced many Americans that their president was a Nazi sympathizer, and stoked racial tensions that fed nationwide unrest.

2. Misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine. In August 2020, then-candidate Biden told Americans they could not trust a vaccine that was being produced by Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. “It’s not likely to go through all the tests and the trials that are needed to be done,” Biden said, slandering the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He also said Trump was “moving it quicker than the scientists think it should be moved,” falsely claiming the authority of science.

3. Misinformation about officer-involved shootings. When police shot Jacob Blake Jr. in Kenosha last August, Biden called Blake “a victim of excessive force” and said that “the officers must be held accountable.” In fact, Blake was armed with a knife; had fought with officers; and was wanted on an outstanding warrant for sexual assault. A subsequent investigation exonerated the officers. Biden’s lie fueled outrage that had already exploded into riots on Kenosha’s streets.

4. Misinformation about Antifa and riots. As violent radicals affiliated with the Antifa movement attacked a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, for several months, firing incendiary devices and shooting laser beams at federal law enforcement officers, Biden claimed that the feds were “brutally attacking peaceful protesters.” His demonstrably false claim gave political cover to the radicals, who continued their destruction — in Portland, Kenosha, and elsewhere.

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